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August 18, 2002

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Our place in Hvar had a one-night limit on it; our apartment was booked to a pair of Italians the next night, so we took the next ferry to a less crowded island called Korcula. Finding a place wasn't easy (again) but we managed to stumble onto an apartment that overlooked old town. Croatians claim Marco Polo was born here in 1254. We visit his tower home where he was supposed to be born, but we don't believe it - it didn't look like an 800 year old house. Venice controlled Korcula from the 14th to 18th century and Korcula's old town retains a Venetian atmosphere; marble streets, tight alleyways, medieval towers. Why did Marco Polo want to leave?
Korcula's old town covers a small, hilly peninsula that juts into the Adriatic.
People say Marco Polo was born in this house. Who says that? The people who charge admission at the door.
Korcula is another coastal gem along Dalmatia; the Croatians know how to build picturesque, waterfront towns.