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August 19, 2002

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Korcula may be Marco Polo's birthplace, but it's too small to keep our attention for another day; we board a cruiseship-sized ferry for the three hour cruise south to Dubrovnik. The coastal scenery is supposed to be the best in Croatia (and in the Adriatic), low mountains abut the water's edge. The coastline consists of a flooded mountain range, so water depth plunges quickly. Our guidebook claims Dubrovnik is unique because of all-marble streets, tight alleyways, and tall city walls - complete nonsense - every Dalmatian town has these things. We think Dubrovnik is built on a grander scale compared to the rest.
Riding a cruise ship ferry along Dalmatia, the central 400 km of Croatia's coast. The mountains fall into the water, a northbound current keeps these waters warm and clear - this is our favorite part of Eastern Europe.
Coastal towns starting to look the same? Dubrovnik is the king of Croatia's seaside settlements.
The best part of traveling - meeting new people. This time Chris and Adriane from Australia. They're refined but decided to eat with us at the best value (that means 'cheapest') place in Dubrovnik's old town, a self-help cafeteria. And imagine this, they never once said, "G'day mate."