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August 28, 2002

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Yugoslavia reproduces like an amoeba, splitting into parts that become separate entities. We head north from Belgrade to Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, another Yugoslavian province that may one day become a new country. This region is flat like Hungary which it borders, and Novi Sad's apartments rise from the plains as a concrete forest. Inside the city center, a few streets of old town retain beauty with Renaissance and baroque architecture. Along the Danube, the 18th century Petrovaradin Citadel stands as a reminder of Habsburg rule. We walked through town, crossed the Danube, admired the citadel view from a bridge, sat in the park for a rest, then left for Budapest.
A Habsburg fort, the Petrovaradin Citadel, guards Vojvodina's capital, Novi Sad. That sentence has more twisters than the Danube.
Novi Sad isn't all concrete blocks - a few streets of old town keep the charm.