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February 1, 2002

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We left Uganda, re-entered Kenya, and waved goodbye to our fisherman, Alex. From him we learned more about Ugandan life than fishing. Like Alex most people are subsistence farmers. They grow beans, potatoes, maize, and their harvest must last until the next season. The people take odd jobs for extra money. Two acres of land can support up to six people. Alex has two wives and eleven children. We paid him eight dollars for four fishing trips and he used this money to buy flour and pineapples to sell in a roadside hut. Alex has entrepreneurial spirit. Yet his survival rests with his farm. If his crop fails he will starve or depend on remittances from relatives and aid organizations.
Gorillas: the best thing to see in Uganda.
Pineapple and banana bike expresses are another Ugandan highlight.
Rich farmland.
Goodbye Uganda, a place with mountain gorillas, lakeside villas, shoebill storks, dirt road forks, Ankole cattle, lose a paddle on a whitewater course, the Nile's source.