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February 19, 2002

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We explored Dar es Salaam. It's Tanzania's largest city and most people think of this place as the capital. President Mkapi lives here and all major economic activity happens in these streets or the busy port, yet Dodoma is the titular capital. We visited Dar's fish market, full of red snapper, squid, octopus, barracuda, and the smell of decaying fish. A thief tried to pickpocket Jill, but he's clumsy, so she felt his hand and stared at him. He walked away as if nothing happened. By afternoon we're ready to leave so we catch a ferry to Zanzibar. Ninety minutes later we passed immigration - even though Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, the island maintains elements of independence, like requiring visitors from Tanzania to pass through immigration. After dinner on the seaside, we slept outside Zanzibar town in beach bungalows.
Dar's fish market: it smells bad, pickpockets lurk in the crowd, it's an interesting place to watch people and eat fish snacks.
First look at Zanzibar: Stone Town harbor.
Kalingi beach bungalows on Zanzibar - $15 per night, free transfers to town. Small lizards take care of the mosquitos for you.