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February 2, 2002

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East African justice is swift. Vigilante mobs will lynch people. While we were in Jinja, four men murdered the head of Jinja's market for political reasons. An angry mob beat to death one of the murderers, burned another, and the other two ran to police for protection. Our Kenyan cook, Mike, tells us if you kill anyone in a traffic accident, don't hang around the scene, drive straight to the police. If you don't, vigilantes may take revenge on the spot. Pleasant topics to discuss as we drove to Kenya's Kakamega Forest, this county's last remaining tropical rain forest. It's home to many unique species. DeBrazza's monkeys live here exclusively, as well as several hundred unique bird and butterfly species. Colobus monkeys wake us up in the morning with their loud calls. We walked along shaded trails within the forest, watching blue monkeys or red tail monkeys jump around branches high in the trees. In the evening we stopped near a town called El Doret.
Our Kenyan cook, Mike, keeps us well fed and out of trouble.
Colobus monkeys are like roosters, they start hooting at daybreak.