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January 1, 2002

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Our first day of 2002 carried us from the side of Mt. Cameroon to the shores of Limbe beach. For five hours we clambered down the mountain and then rode in a cab (no more hiking!) to the beach. There we flopped on the sand and floated in the surf, letting warm ocean water soothe tired muscles. The year didn't start without a serious accident. Our guides, Kathy and Ben, pulled a drowning man from the surf. The undertow had pulled him underwater and swept him from the shore. Despite frantic CPR, he succumbed to the water in his lungs and died on the beach.
New Years celebration to remember on top of Mount Cameroon.
No bars, TV, radio; nothing but a hut, a bottle of champagne, and a deck of UNO cards.
The long hike down the mountain - going down is harder on the knees than going up.
Jill's shoes didn't make it. They fell apart on the mountain. Unfortunately, no Nike shoe stores on Mount Cameroon, so she had no choice but to scramble over the rocks in raggy shoes.