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January 15, 2002

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From the Ngorongoro crater we drive to the Serengeti. The Serengeti spreads over 14,000 sq km of land in the Northeast of Tanzania. This is Tanzania's most famous game park. The word 'Serengeti' means 'endless plain' in Masai. The flat land stretches before us in sea-like depth and scale. It supports millions of animals, the Great Migration moves through here, and animals forage for food in long caravans, hoof-to-tail. Predators watch the procession and pick off young, old, and stragglers.
We entered the Serengeti at the Naabi Hill Gate (a morning's drive from Ngorongoro), one of the few hills in the area.
At this time of year, the Great Migration, over 1 1/2 million wildebeest and zebra, passes through South Central Serengeti at Seronera.
Lions watch, some from shady lookout spots. With few hiding places you can't be too choosy.
A cheetah also watches the procession.