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January 20, 2002

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From Kampala we head southwest, passing thriving markets, cows with huge horns, and bicycles overloaded by bananas. Even though were near the equator and Lake Victoria, the weather is less humid than we expected because were in the highlands, 1200 meters above sea level. The landscape isnt tropical equatorial forest. Its cornfields, gentle hills, green grass, an Afro-Alpine atmosphere; full, leafy decidious trees stand next to banana trees. Most people live by subsistence farming (less than 50% of the population earns wages). These people have terraced the hills from foot to summit. They grow sorghum and maize. Uganda is a garden country. By evening we reach Kisoro and pitch our tent in this small town near the border of Rwanda and the Congo, two other African trouble spots.
Winston Churchill called Uganda the 'Pearl of Africa' because of its temperate weather and beautiful countryside.
Horns to behold. These are Ankole cattle, named after the place where they're reared.
Banana bike express. It's a common sight to see Ugandans carry heavy loads with their bikes.
Can you guess what the staple crop is here? People sell banana bread, banana meal, banana beer, banana rice, bananas deep fried, they just lack banana Gump.