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January 28, 2002

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From the Budongo forest we drove over a dirt road for several bumpy hours to the Nile river. From there we jumped on a boat to Murchison Falls, where a gorge constricts the Nile into the most powerful surge of water on earth. Our boat traversed this section of the Nile, located between Lake Albert and Lake Victoria, and we passed hippos, crocodiles that sat on eggs like hens, and a few elephants and giraffes. The most impressive animal sighting is a thick cloud of bats that filled the evening sky. We watched them stream out of a cave in an opaque mass as they left in search for food.
The gorge compresses the Nile into a 6 meter wide torrent, the water plunges 40 meters down, possibly the most powerful natural surge of water in the world.
Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda's biggest..
Yes, crocodiles sit on their eggs like chickens. I wouldn't say that to their faces.
A riot of bats in the Nile sky every night.