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January 9, 2002

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We said goodbye to the Mara and drove back to Nairobi. Itís time to see Ed! First, we had to survive the trip to the airport. We hopped into a craggy cab with an even craggier driver. Like all Kenyan cab rides, this trip started with a pit stop at the gas station; all cabs run on empty, literally living from one fare to the next. This cab sounded loud enough to be an airplane and shook like a bowl of Jell-O. On the highway the hood flew up into our faces. The cabby smiled for the first time, pulled over, and tied the hood back down with a string. On this string and a prayer we made it to the airport and picked up Ed.
The best deal in Nairobi: Pitch your tent on the roof of the Planet Safari building (8 stories high). It's free if you choose a safari with Planet. Great view of downtown Nairobi!