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July 12, 2002

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We love overnight buses or trains because we save on accommodation; we hate them because we lose sleep. Last night we left aboard an overnight bus from Thessaloniki to Istanbul, worried that the Greek and Turkish border could be trouble (Greeks and Turks have a stormy relationship and a history of fighting each other). A three hour border crossing is the main reason it takes over 12 hours to cover the distance between Thessaloniki and Istanbul. We arrive just in time to pick our parents up from the airport. They were fuming over the $65 visa entry, but we cured this annoyance by distracting them with an obstacle course of crowded bus, tram, and street walk through Istanbul.
Family reunion in Istanbul: Mom, Dad, Uncle Alan, and Aunt Adele. We find ourselves in an Istanbul restaurant where they serve football shaped bread. Pass the bread!
Outside it's hot in downtown Istanbul.