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July 22, 2002

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Our Speed Racer tour of Europe continued as we boarded a noon bus bound for Vienna. Driving on Hungary's highways, smoothly passing pristine farmland, we noticed Hungary shows much more development than Romania. The border crossing between Hungary and Austria couldn't be easier, possibly a legacy of the Austro-Hungarian empire of old. We arrived at 16:00, without a clue of our location, and after piecemeal wandering managed to find our way to the metro and center city. Vienna's beauty awed us as we walked down crowded streets looking for a cheap hotel (not possible in Vienna). In the evening we attended a concert featuring Mozart and Strauss chamber music, then a heavy dinner of Snitzel and Goulash followed by a nighttime stroll through the imperial palace.
It's Viennese tradition to pay a lot of money to attend a touristy dance and chamber music show, especially if Dad's paying.
Schnitzel please.
A palace, opera house, or parliament (some important building, the city is loaded with them).