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July 24, 2002

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One day in Vienna has been enough for us to glance at the buildings and walk down a few streets; we're ready to move on to the next town. We ride a bus to Prague (5 hours) through a customs check that worked faster than a drive-through at McDonalds. No one even bothered to stamp our passports. Then we spent two hours finding a place to stay (a Communist era apartment on the outskirts of the city). Prague (Praha in Czech) is called the "story-book city of Bohemia, a living museum of Eastern Europe, or the prettiest gem in the stone crown of the world." We think it's more like Disneyland of the East.
Look ridiculous? My back is bad enough for me to perform stretching exercises anywhere.
A homeless, motley caravan looking for a place to stay.
We end up in this place, a concrete block house on the outskirts of old town. Eighty bucks per night lands a two bedroom apartment with bare furnishings, plywood walls, and thin carpeting.
The toilet seat needs duct tape to keep it together.
The Prague areas built without Communist influence look much better.