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May 4, 2002

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Switchbacks, hairpin turns, the King's highway careers through Jordan as a backbone that connects all points of interest: crusader castles, monasteries, and Holy Land views. We shared a taxi with fellow travelers Dennis and Catherine (15 Jordanian Dinar each per day or $22.50) and watched green scenery unfold; the Jordanians fight the eastern desert with careful irrigation programs. Water scarcity threatens Jordan more than any other problem.
Short distances separate the opposit ends of Jordan, 430 km from North to South. We drove by Shobak (shown here) and Kerak castles, the Dead Sea, Mt Nebo, and finally Amman, Jordan.
Human corks: 30% salinity pushes your body to the surface better than a life preserver. It's strange to feel lighter than water.
Unearthed mosaics on top of Mt Nebo, a 'hang-out' spot for Moses as he looked over to the Holy Land.