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November 27, 2002

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We haven't slept in for months, so when rain kept falling we kept sleeping. Then we boarded a bus to the nearby border of Turkey and Georgia because we're hooked on borders, these places have become tourists sites for us. Close to the border is a real tourist site, Sarpi's old Byzantium fort; it claims to be the finest example of Byzantine military architecture; it's really a low, ramparted wall that guards a citrus orchard. The citrus farmer saw an opportunity for a quick buck. He tried to sell us a fake entrance ticket so we countered with a fake student card and demanded free entry. Who's more corrupt?
Sarpi, the pebble beach border between Turkey and Georgia. The small mosque on the shoreline leaves no doubt that Turkey lies ahead.
Between Batumi and Sarpi we find the ancient fortress of Gonio which experts call the finest example of Roman-Byzantine military architecture in the world. Now it's guarded by a cow. Nothing inside except a small ruin and an orchard.
Roadside gravestone - does it imply the deceased was drinking and driving?