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October 15, 2002

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Our horses stay in the village, our sore bottoms remain. To make matters worse, we have a touch of food poisoning from last night's tomato and cucumber salad. Normally we won't eat salad but when an audience watches and looks crestfallen if we don't sample everything, it becomes harder to say no. That's also true for vodka which is imbibed like water. With heads swimming, we explored Karakol, the most important town in eastern Kyrgyzstan. Important means the Russians built a few large churches, a restaurant, and even an internet café.
Karakol, the major east Kyrgyzstan town, founded by the Russians as a fort in 1869. The Bolsheviks converted this church into a bar. Now it's been restored as a church for the Orthodox Russians that remained in Karakol and became Kyrgyz citizens.
Graceful wild ibex?
Kyrgyz still use old Russian military jeeps for mountain crossing and bring homemade spare parts.
Unexcavated Sythian burial mounds - undiscovered treasure?