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October 17, 2002

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What is harder to find than a blue rose? An Uzbekistan visa in Bishkek. We must obtain an Uzbekistan visa if we want to continue our trip through Central Asia. This means struggling with the bureaucracy at the Uzbek embassy. First we joke around with the guards outside; they control the line and will move people up or down the queue depending on their whims. Then we must ask for a visa application from a receptionist who acts as if it's her duty to test our will - are we serious about visiting Uzbekistan? She mentions two fees for the visa - one fee will be written on the receipt, the other fee will go into her pocket. With that extra money you'd think she'd smile at us for once.
The main telegraph office in Bishkek. Make a deposit at the front desk, leave your number, they'll ring you in one of these antiquated booths with the pre-WWII phones.
Kyrgyz towing service