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April 29, 2003

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From Northern El Salvador we want to keep heading towards South America. All routes hub through San Salvador so we do too. We ride a few buses and spend all day on the road trying to reach San Miguel, a hop off point into Honduras. We sleep in a trucker stop on the outskirts of town and eat "Cup of Noodles" for dinner, the best meal we could find at the next door gas station.
Going across Central America on the artery that runs thru every country except Belize, from Mexico to Panama, the Interamericana or Route 1. Every kind of dilapidated school bus plies this road, most of them lovingly repainted to lend each its own personality. Everything is carried aboard, including livestock that vendors sell at the markets, which has led to the term, 'chicken' bus. Tourists can use the upscale 'Tika' buses, which are Greyhound type buses, that connect the capital cities for $20 per person. We're cheapies, so we stick to the 'chicken' buses.
For security reasons, try to keep your luggage with you. That means you might have to ride on the roof to keep your luggage in sight.