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August 23, 2003

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Kjell, no longer a rookie, has survived Africa long enough to impress a baby gazelle. He can find an elephant hiding behind a tree, discern a lion from a buffalo, and he can reliably identify a giraffe. He's even learned a few mating tricks from demonstrative impala. Next stop: Zimbabwe, which should be a true test for "Kjell the rhino hunter."
We've spent a week viewing animals, now we want find out how they taste. Last night we visited Carnivores, a Kenyan restaurant that serves game meat. On the menu: zebra, Thompson's gazelle, hartebeest, warthog, and crocodile.
This morning we visited Giraffic Park and hand-fed these longnecks vegetable pellets. A 19ft bull giraffe bent down, grabbed the food with its 18 inch tongue, and covered our hands with giraffe slobber. After washing our hands, we transfered from Kenyan to Zimbabwe on an afternoon flight. We overnighted at our pro-guide's house, James Varden, in the suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe.