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August 24, 2003

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First day in Zimbabwe, we waited in a plane hanger for mechanics to fix the magnetos (whatever they are) on our six-seater airplane, a Beechcraft Barron. Then we flew out to Mana Pools National Park, landed on a dirt airstrip in the bush, and walked to our tented camp along the Zambezi River.
.Our guide tells us that female elephants with calves are the most dangerous animals in Africa; they will charge and kill people. Of course the first animals we encounter are female elephants with calves. Some of them walked within 25 feet of us while we hid under a bush.
Mud bath for junior.
Kjell stands on this termite mound because (a) he's sniffing the air for lions (b) he's demonstrating dominance over any ungulates grazing in the area (c) he wants to know what it's like to be tall as a giraffe
Our mobile river camp, which will move with us each day as we paddle downriver, offers spacious tents, an open bar, hot bucket shower and a beautiful view of the Zambezi.