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August 29, 2003

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On our first day in Matusadona we wandered into a pride of lions, six females and one male. The cats growled and walked off. We followed them into the bushes as they roared warnings to keep away. Another male lion whisked by us and joined the group, then they all quickened their pace to leave us behind.
(.left to right) Isaac the scout, Kjell the rhino nut, Jill the porter, and James the pro-guide. We'll camp out in the wilderness of Matusadona National Park for the next six days, tracking rhino and lion and hoping for close encounters.
Survival training: squeeze water out of elephant or rhino dung and drink it. The elephant dung tastes sour and earthy because of an elephant's varied diet that tolerates more tannins. Rhino dung has a neutral, woody taste, much better than stuff from an elephant.
The rock monitor can't believe we're eating elephant crap.
Sunset on Lake Kariba.