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August 31, 2003

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For our campsites, our scout picks high ground because he doesn't want the lions to eat us at night.
We camp near the lake each night for the drinking water (water is too heavy to carry around, so we pull all of our drinking water from lakes, springs, waterholes, or elephant dung). A lake or waterhole also provides a bathing opportunity; ask a crocodile to wash your back.
Mosquito net tents allow clear nightsky viewing.
Every two days we pack up and find a new camp, game viewing enroute.
We run up to a tree and watch the baboons jump out of the uppermost branches; the baboons literally hit the ground running. James says that a baboon, to escape predators, will launch itself from the treetops, flail its legs and arms as it drops, bounce on the ground and run off.
Kingfishers are the only ones catching fish around here. Left: Giant Kingfisher Right: Pied Kingfisher on the hunt.