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December 21, 2003

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The guidebook says that people who live around Inle Lake are called Intha. Later, the book says that the 'th' sound might be pronounced as an 's.' Unfortunately, if you ask a local if he's an "Intha" or an "Insa" you'll be answered by a blank stare or an offer to buy a trinket. The mystery stands.
The Intha (Insa?) propel their flat bottomed canoes by wrapping their leg around an oar and using a karate kick motion. Martial artists should send students here.
The floating market at Inle Lake reveals one reason for the conical hat - turn it over and it floats like a tea cup.
Monks meditate on how to make their monastery interesting. The Jumping Cat monastery trains their feline pets to hop through hoops.
On the lake everything must sink or swim. People build their homes and monasteries on stilts and grow their plants hydroponically. This place puts the 'water' in 'water buffalo.'
The buffalo act as jet skis (okay, very sloowww jet skis) for the children.