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February 24-25, 2003

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From Jodhpur we must stopover in Udaipur on our way back to Delhi. We're trying to return there quickly so we can catch a flight home, yet traveling in India is never quick. Our bus takes 7 hours to travel 250 kilometers because it must fight for road space with animals and oncoming traffic. A flat tire delays us for an interminable time while we waited for a spare tire to arrive from a nearby town.
Udaipur is called the Venice of India. Founded in 1568 by Maharana Udai Singh, it surrounds Lake Pichola and comprises whitewashed buildings, marble palaces, and lakeside gardens.
How do you parallel park an elephant?
Recognize this sight in Udaipur? Originally an island palace for the Maharaja, it's been converted into a luxury hotel. It once served as a movie set for a James Bond film.