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June 5, 2003

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Another day in Cusco. The city lies 3400 meters above sea level and it takes your breath away literally. As a remedy for altitude sickness we drink cocoa tea (the green tea). By now we've become familiar with Peruvian food. We've tried the Inca delicacy, roast guinea pig, which tasted gamey and will keep us from owning one as a pet. A preferred meal starts with sopa a la criolla, a spicy noodle soup with beef, egg, and vegetables in a milk base. This is followed by lomo saltado, chopped steak fried with onions.
The Quechua speaking Inca descendants weave clothing from llama wool.
Road names in Cusco have changed from Spanish to Quechua spellings. In fact, Cusco is supposed to be spelled Qosco.
Where are the llama taxis?