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May 5, 2003

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Granada, 'La Gran Sultana' from a reference to its Moorish namesake in Spain, was the first Nicaraguan city founded by the conquistadores in 1524. Volcán Mombacho acts as a 'North Star' landmark over the city's colonial skyline of church steeples and pillared villas. Grenada's strategic access to the Caribbean Sea via the lake and the San Juan River brought this city prominence as a main trade center. Pirates sailed up the San Juan and sacked the city three times. At one time most people thought a "Nicaragaun Canal" would join the Atlantic to the Pacific in front of Grenada. The US bought the right to build a canal here to keep anyone else from doing it (protecting interests in Panama). Today the town rests - commerce flows thru Panama City instead.
Grenada is a wonderful walking city that feels as if it's stuck in its colonial past, fancy villas and Spanish churches emanate from a central plaza.
Don't park your arse here.