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May 24, 2003

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The Galapagos routine is a good one. Each night we sail to a new island. In the morning we land and explore for a few hours. A mid morning snorkel precedes lunch. Then another afternoon walk followed by an activity like snorkeling or kayaking. All day the ship's cook stuffs us with delicious meals.
Go to Espanola Island for the albatrosses. These birds waddle to the cliffs for take off. Once airborne, their huge wingspans keep them gliding in the air without much flapping. A procession of albatrosses lumbering along the ground towards the runway is a sight to see.
Hiding 101
Flamingoes on the Galapagos? Blown here generations ago, they're stranded on the islands. They draw lake bed abstracts with their feet on Floreana Island.