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November 23, 2003

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More cave temples, can you believe it? Like elephants with banana peels, we can't seem to get enough of cave temples. On the way into Sri Lanka's interior we find some of these wonders at Dambula and so we have to stop and see. One day we'll write a book about cave temples. Maybe we were bats in another life.
Sri Lanka is a land of giant Buddhas.
After sweating our way up a hill under the sun, we're more than ready to go inside the caves. Color covers every inch of the interiors and gilding reflects light. Buddhas meditate in silent repose. The cave designs have stood for over 2000 years.
We've tried meditation. Buddhism requires a tough butt.
Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka's foremost architect, designed the Kandalama Hotel on the outskirts of Dambula. It's a modern marvel that blends into the surrounds like a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. The pool seems to fall into the viewpoint. We can't stay here (over $100 per night) but the hotel staff provides a free tour and welcoming mango cocktail.