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November 28, 2003

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Our Sri Lankan sojourn carries us to Nuwara Eliya, once a favorite retreat of the colonizing British, who enjoyed its cool highland weather. The town retains the vestiges of Empire: a blend of Tudor and Georgian architecture, gabled roofs, rose gardens and moss-covered gravestones. There's even a Hill Club Hotel that interviews - yes interviews! - potential clients to ensure that they're worthy of being accepted as guests (we didn't try to stay at the Hill Club, even if we could afford it they wouldn't accept two slovenly backpackers). And blimey! on the grounds we find a golf course and lawn tennis. Botanic gardens and tea plantations complete the scenery in the surrounding hills.
Tea picker of the month.
Let's see your tea picker license, buddy!
Tea pickers earn 125 rupees per day (approximately $1.50).