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September 21, 2003

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Most people say South Luangwa is Zambia's best park because it offers a wide variety of scenery, animals, and accommodation. It contains some endemic species too, like Thornicroft's giraffe. We think the most notable things about this park are the affordable campgrounds ($5 per night) with swimming pool, groomed grounds, and elephant herds that walk thru camp. Night drives and safari walks can also be done here.
Someone, probably named Thornicroft, determined that the giraffes in this park are a unique giraffe species because the spots don't extend below the knee.
'Karate kid' stork
The zebras in the park are also unique because the stripes extend and overlap beneath the belly. No shadow stripe exists so the barring is very fine and distinct.
A rare find for birders, Pel's fishing owl maintains a strict diet; it only eats fish..
Hippos and genet cats wander through camp at night. This hippo grazed a few meters from our tent.