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August, 1993

Italian Countryside to Amalfi: The drive through the Italian countryside gave us a chance to see rural Italy. We stayed in a town called L'Aquila and drew a lot of looks from inquisitive locals. Somehow we managed to order food, obtain gas and directions, and maintain our course south to Amalfi without getting lost too often. Naples gave us a lesson in road survival - don't look to the side or make eye contact with other drivers, lean on your horn, press the gas pedal and go for it! The roads became less crowded but still challenging once we arrived to the Amalfi coast. Here stretches some of Europe's most beautiful coastline, for 50km (31mi) along a promontory from Sorrento to Salerno. The road zigzags along cliffs and coastline, passing through villages that hug cliff walls - people who live here better not be afraid of heights.
(Left) Italian countryside near L'Aquila (Right) Amalfi Coastline